We empower organizations to navigate an increasingly complicated technology risk landscape.

Our clients face
security challenges.

KSG delivers insights that allow clients to confidently navigate uncharted territory.

We work with technology-enabled enterprises that face complex trust, safety, and security challenges. Our mission is to enhance the readiness of enterprise leadership teams by delivering sound security strategies that acknowledge the emerging challenges associated with a changing world and global operating footprint.


As technology continues to change the way businesses operate, technological systems have become inseparable from enterprise risk management and business strategy.  Our strategy group helps clients to navigate the dynamic interplay between enterprise technology systems, security risk, and core business objectives. 


We empower clients to understand and overcome unprecedented security challenges, and to move into the future with trust, safety, and security as competitive differentiators. We help build the teams, processes, programs, and culture needed to maintain sound security strategies and to succeed in the modern threat environment.


The lines of demarcation that once insulated private industries from nation-state conflict are eroding.  Our experts draw from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to help corporate leadership teams build resilience to advanced threats, delivering insights on strategic intent, capabilities, and tactics used by state actors and their affiliates.


We provide our clients clear-eyed, candid, and experienced advice on critical, long-lasting decisions in moments of extreme crisis. We can help to diagnose what has happened and provide forward-looking advice focused on surviving the incident, maintaining trust with critical stakeholders, and moving into the future with security, trust, and corporate responsibility as reputational hallmarks.

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