Entire industries face a complex technological future.


SaaS solutions have revolutionized the software industry, and as a result, have elevated software companies to a foundational level of national and global critical infrastructure systems. This heightened importance exposes them to a new level of risk from unrestrained and sophisticated cyber actors.

KSG partners with software companies to design and implement bespoke security strategies that harden and mature their software development lifecycle and better prepare them to prevent, mitigate and respond to today’s cyber landscape.


With advancements in digital transformation and increases in demand across the private sector, the industry is now at the heart of rapid disruption and innovation.

As the industry continues to advance so do its risks from sophisticated nation-state threat actors. KSG works with Aerospace companies to develop dynamic security strategies that assess how geopolitical tensions, regulatory requirements, and supply chain positioning foster added risks to the business relative to its innovation.

Satellites & Next-gen teleCommunications

Revolutions in speed, connectivity, and automation have rapidly transformed the telco sector and dramatically increased the scale and volume of data creation. With the launch of 5G and its promise to connect billions of new devices comes an added range of cyber vulnerabilities and threats.

KSG works with communications providers to adopt an enterprise-wide view of the risks they face. We combine expertise across supply chain, policy, regulations, and cybersecurity to build a holistic risk profile and recommendations that strengthen their resiliency.

Private Equity

As the technology sector’s role in the global economy grows and businesses across industries turn to software to optimize their operations, technology risk management becomes increasingly critical.  Previous practices for assessing risk across portfolios—focused principally on internal company factors—are no longer sufficient in a technologically interconnected global economy with complex supply chains.

KSG helps investment firms look across portfolios to better assess and manage risk throughout the investment lifecycle. In addition, KSG delivers executive support to provide investors with the guidance and tools necessary to evaluate the technology risks of future investments.

Manufacturing & Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0 has transformed the digital and physical world, driving rapid production and supply chain efficiencies. Secure-by-design principles are core to building smart technologies, internet of things (IoT) devices, and automation systems, but don’t address the inherited challenges of heterogeneous, legacy environments.

KSG partners with businesses throughout the industrial automation supply chain to develop risk management strategies that consider the complexity of today’s hybrid, connected, and legacy systems. Our safety-forward approach drives an evolution in traditional product security mindsets, one centers on safety and responsibility and extends beyond initial product deployment in critical systems.

Life Sciences

Threat actors strive to exploit vulnerable systems, steal sensitive intellectual property, and undermine public confidence in pharmaceutical safety and efficacy. Enterprises could once rely on their adherence to sound research methods and commitment to scientific integrity to instill trust, but today’s information environment includes additional threats that may undermine a company’s reputation and make it increasingly difficult to pursue their core mission.

KSG partners with life sciences companies to navigate the information ecosystem, building teams and processes to identify, triage, and respond to disinformation threats.

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